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Default Tearing and Composite

Hi there. I sort of feel like a solution might be out there somewhere already, but the results of searching were so all over the place (chronologically, and all those goes with it) and I just couldn't seem to work it out. Thanks in advance for the help!

Mplayer is my video player of choice, but the issue is present in xine-based players and VLC as well.

When watching video, there are horizontal lines/tears (top to bottom) during fast paced motion. I've played with all the vblank/sync stuff I could find to no avail. I found posts that indicated it was an issue with the Composite extension. Desktop effects/etc are fun, but I was ok without having them... so I disabled the extension in xorg.conf.

I was pleased to see that it did indeed fix the problem... no more tearing. However, it brought along a nasty side effect. If (in any of these players) I go to full screen, then come out of it, the video is gone/all black. This happens with both the current stable and beta driver and with both the normal Mplayer and a VDPAU enabled build. It seems to be completely related to turning off Composite (obviously when re-enabling it, the black video issue is gone but the tearing comes back).

So... any idea on how to get the best of both worlds? lol No tearing AND the ability to move in and out of full screen?

Thanks in advance.
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