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Default Re: Windows 7 will contain Windows XP (virtualized)

Originally Posted by LovingSticky View Post
Most of Vista "bad rep" comes from two sources:

- people massively stealing Vista using cracks to activate it (these cracks were, due to much better antipiracy protection, highly unstable), screaming all over the net about "horrible experience" with their cracked version -> so they went back to XP, were cracks were more "mature", bashing Vista
I never once pirated a copy of Windows Vista and I hate it. See below

- people with 5 year old PCs w/ 1GB of RAM, who experienced performance drops comparing to XP, do not taking into account Windows Search, Windows Defender and other services built-in into Vista, but not XP

People who purchased Vista and have decent PCs are extremely happy. Rock-solid OS, in SP1 with identical kernel to Windows 2008 Server.
Even though I've always had a mid-range PC (aka up to date at least), Vista has always ran like poo. Until I got my latest rig (see sig) and set it all up the way I wanted it to with a x64 copy, things are finally at a decent speed. My workstation at work isn't the best PC in the world (2.2Ghz C2D, 2GB RAM, ATI 2400HD) but Vista is absolutely SLOWER than S***. I can't have more than about 5 apps open at one time without having to sit there and wait on everything; my 2GB of RAM got maxed out quite easily. The good thing is that people at my workplace have seen what Win7 can do and they want it on their machines as soon as it releases.

I did have Windows 7 on there a month or two ago and it was a night and day difference in speed. Can't wait to throw the final version on all of my machines!

In fact, Microsoft is too generous most of the time
I agree that Vista has been a stepping stone no doubt. I just don't like the performance of Vista and never have. Windows 7 though is going to redeem MS of this one. I'm still impressed over the speed and new features of Win7. I just hope I don't come across the problem of not being able to find good drivers on my gaming rig lol.
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