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Default green screen garbage on G96 GPU cards

several vdpau vdr users have the green garbage problem on vdpau G96 based cards (9500GT, 9400GT-MD1G, G96 C1, G96 A1) They are using 180.51 version of Nvidia drivers

two photos-sample are here

the broken recorded .ts file is hereу

I have G98 card and I couldn't reproduce that bug

any ideas - how is it possible to fix that problem for G96 cards ?
PCI Sparkle GeForce 8400 GPU G98 A2 512 MB + AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+ + svn Mplayer + xine-vdpau rev. 279 + vdr 1.7.9 & Nvidia 190.25 + XBMC
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