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Default Re: Windows 7 will contain Windows XP (virtualized)

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post

Even though I've always had a mid-range PC (aka up to date at least), Vista has always ran like poo. Until I got my latest rig (see sig) and set it all up the way I wanted it to with a x64 copy, things are finally at a decent speed. My workstation at work isn't the best PC in the world (2.2Ghz C2D, 2GB RAM, ATI 2400HD) but Vista is absolutely SLOWER than S***. I can't have more than about 5 apps open at one time without having to sit there and wait on everything; my 2GB of RAM got maxed out quite easily. The good thing is that people at my workplace have seen what Win7 can do and they want it on their machines as soon as it releases.
Have you tried turning off superfetch? I find that it slows down my pc quite a bit - it doesn't index files when it should (aka when I'm not at my pc).
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