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Default Re: Windows 7 will contain Windows XP (virtualized)

Windows 7 is amazing, plain and simple. They finally started listening again to what the consumer wants. Windows XP Mode (XPM) is going to be amazing for businesses that were leary of upgrading.

To some that were asking yes Windows 7 is bases off kernel 6.1, there was a stupid rumour floating around that they were going to rename the kernel to 7 but that's just a stupid rumour.

As for XPM, yes it's free but you do have to download the components. For those on MSDN/Technet sounds like we may get a beta to play with later this weekend. Thinking it will be on the 30th of April when the RC launches for MSDN/Technet. I did not see however were it was mentioned but XPM is only available for Business, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. Again this is mostly for business use.

Can't wait, Windows 7 RC is released to MSDN/Technet April 30th and I'm hoping the beta of XPM is too. For all of you waiting for a legit copy of RC build 7100 that aren't a member of MSDN/Technet it will be available May 5th for download.
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