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Default Re: How do I get 23.976Hz?

I finally got 23.976 fps vsynced video running properly after ditching xv and using opengl and a few tricks. My tv currently runs at 23.97 Hz according to nvidia-settings when I choose 24 Hz from the settings. I'm not sure if it really is 23.976 and the application just rounds it. Anyway, I still get occasional, periodic (or so it seems) frame skips so I thought I might try to get exactly 23.976.

How would I use those modelines when my tv is the secondary monitor and not listed in xorg.conf? Only my primary monitor is, and as far as I understood it's for the same reason that X only sees one because of the way Twinview works. Is there no other way than changing the tv to be my primary display? That would place the KDE panels and other stuff over there instead of the desktop monitor where I want everything except movies and occasional games to be.
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