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Default Re: Tearing and Composite

Hi Stephen, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the lack of clarity,

I see tearing w/ Composite enabled on BOTH the current stable and beta releases (180.* AND 185.*).

The issue coming out of full screen is on both drivers as well. (But only when Composite is disabled, it works fine when enabled)

Moving, resizing, re-entering fs had no effect, closing and reopening mplayer fixes it (temporarily, of course).

I want to say no, but the truth is I don't 100% remember. I'll have to retest it out when I get home tonight to be sure.

I've read so many posts about tearing and composite/etc... could you clarify what my expectations should be right now? I am ok with suffering through some progress, but I didn't want to just deal if it can/should work better. Should I be able to have Composite enabled and still be tear-free? And use VDPAU at the same time?

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