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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

I use to have 2 8800GTX of different brand on at Abit IN9-32X (680i) board, and it where ok with some or no stutter. Then when newer games came out it would just get worse, because of lower framerates i guess. My 8800GTX SLI setup would do 120 fps in Battlefield 2 and everything were just flying, but as newer games came out the Frames would drop to around 60 or below. Now everything is stuttering below 60 fps and especially in Farcry 2. That game is just killing my SLI experince...

But wait . . isn't 30 fps like fluid on a single card.... (yanking one of the GTX's and no more SLI for me ..)

My point is ... before i would never drop below 60 frames and therefore would never experience the problem (I need 60 fps to be stutter free) ... Today an GTX 295 is more than enough for 60 frames .. but some day that is going to change and you better be able to STEP UP....

Just my 2 cents..
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