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Default Re: Tearing and Composite

Sure, basically my PC is a laptop with an LCD monitor attached via HDMI. I hardly ever use the laptop's built-in screen (and then, only when traveling... never at the same time). Originally my xorg.conf file was the OpenSuSE created default + changes from the nvidia-settings app. This worked, but the VTs didn't display anywhere and the display switch button on the laptop hard-locked the system.

On the OpenSuSE boards, someone recommended renaming my xorg.conf file and creating a new one via the Dual Head part of Sax2. Doing so fixed my issues. No more hard locks and the VTs show up on the built-in screen. All I really wanted was to be able to see VTs somewhere, no have hardlocks, and otherwise... pretend the built-in screen doesn't exist... all I really use (99.9% of the time) is the external LCD monitor.

For reference, if you want to see the previous problematic xorg.conf it is here:
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