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Default Re: PS3 Optical Audio

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog View Post
I just picked up a PS3 mainly for the BD player. I'm having a problem though with the sound using the optical with my Onkyo DS575X(older model). The sound cuts in and out while watching BR. I've tried two different cables and two different optical outputs, neither helped. From my little bit of researching I'm getting the opinion that the PS3 isn't compatiable with older Recievers dispite these recievers haveing dolby digital and dts? Most of this research seemed to be from old thread though. Is this a issue with Blu Ray? I have no issues with my HDDVD player and ps3 games seem to be fine.

btw, I do have bitstream enabed for optical. Am I missing another option?
Fwiw, I have used the optical and the hdmi outputs from my ps3 and it works fine. I might suggest giving a shout to support and finding out.

I have an ONKYO receiver as well but it's a newer version (4 HDMI in)
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