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Default Re: Video Haltiness Multiple Times/Second

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
- The stream discontinuities are not being addressed. Are you saying that your mplayer is using the latest ffmpeg? And that any Myth in existence will not be able to cope well with stream discontinuities?
Yes, my MPlayer (and hence ffmpeg/libavcodec) are SVN versions from within the last week or two.

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
- I thought that ffmpeg isn't even in the mix with Myth and Mplayer. I thought that only a subcomponent of ffmpeg (libavcodec) was what is integrated. And that libavcodec compiled into mythtv-fixes and Mplayer is much newer than the stock ffmpeg one.
I use ffmpeg and libavcodec interchangably; it's quite possibly MythTV only uses the libavcodec sub-directory of ffmpeg. And no, MythTVs versions are quite old as I explained.

Originally Posted by Quantumstate View Post
- The Dish transport stream (with its slight differences) is not even being considered by anyone. (referenced sample) This is a concern for three reasons:
a. It is more likely to have stream discontinuities than a DVD program stream; and
b. I would like to clean the TS to a PS with a tool like avidemux, but avidemux can't understand the indexing in a Dish TS. The developer is indifferent, as is apparently jyavenard (VDPAU patch) since he doesn't seem to grasp the problem.
c. Sure not many ppl get the pure TS from sat providers, but I am on the cutting-edge. This has such technical merit that it has to take off and so apps should be able to accommodate.
I don't doubt there are extra nuances to handling Dish streams. However, I'm sorry to say this is outside the realm of VDPAU; VDPAU deals with the PES stream after it's been extracted from the container. VDPAU should handle compliant H.264 streams. Either the dish PES stream is H.264 compliant or it isn't.
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