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Default Re: Tearing and Composite

Correct, I've only been looking at the external display until now. I do not see any tearing on the built-in screen, and switching between DFP-0/1 in GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE doesn't seem to change anything, but I am not getting any tearing in (for example) glxgears... it's actually only in video. But using non-VDPAU xine and VLC I still get tearing on the external, do NOT get tearing on the built-in.

So far, the only thing that has removed the tearing is disabling the composite extension.

Could it be related to Twinview? Is there a better (nvidia preferred) way for me to use the external monitor when I am at home but still be able to see VTs, then still be able to use the builtin when traveling?
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