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Default Re: Resume from Suspend Failure : Ubuntu 9.04, PNY GeForce 6200 AGP

I have connected via serial cable for a reliable console now.

When I resume from S3 for the first time after power on, my serial console is connected, and the only problem is the video card is not awakened. If I start X from this state (just by running /usr/X11/bin/X), nothing noticible happens, but then when I ctrl-c to stop X, the monitor says "Cannot display this mode"... run X again, the message goes away and all black... quit X... the message comes back...

If I then put the machine to sleep again (so a second sleep/resume after power on), then wake it, running X will then cause the system to lock up at a point BEFORE the "NVRM: not using NVAGP, an AGPGART backend is loaded!" message would be expected in the kernel log (which I was sending over the serial port).
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