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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig View Post
gonna grab that corsair this weekend i think just gotta see how much of my buget it left after getting the 260

I don't know if you bought that yet but I didn't really care for it too much. Knowing what it's like I would rather have not spent the money on it. It's like the Realflight Hellcat where they took a Milviz model, slapped on textures, a soundpack and a flight model. Abou the only part A2A did on this one is program the flight model, though it's not accurate enough to where they would make any claim it can be flown by the book. Here's what I posted at SOH:

Maybe I was expecting too much based on the comments here, but this is certainly a budget aircraft. I was very impressed by the Hellcat textures and bump maps which were almost photoreal but the textures on this one are not to my liking at all, and look a bit cartoony. The engine sounds are not to my liking either, not only the recordings but also the way 30" MP sounds closer to idle to than a cruise setting. The flight model has a pleasing feel as far as flight goes, though when the engine sounds are so far off from the power setting it spoils my enjoyment. Over all the purchase was not for me, but not everybody is so demanding!
By the way the RealAir Duke has finally been released after 2 years of developement.

Looks very impressive. I've owned it for two days but have not had time to fly it yet, or even look at it!
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