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Nope i can't, as i pointed out in my other post my CPU tends to run a little hot at anything above 4Ghz. However, with vdroop off and a Vcore of 1.35 i can boot into windows at 4.2Ghz and run 3Dmark with HT on but theres no way i'd use that for 24/7 OC and it definately isnt stable.

I'm just curious as to how hot a D0 revision CPU would get at 4.4Ghz at 1.3Vcore HT enabled running Prime and Linx and if it would be stable enough to pass those tests.

If it does pass the stability tests at that clock and Vcore with HT on and reasonable temps (anything under 85c on the cores), then you would certainly get a wow from me.

I run a 24/7 OC of 3.6Ghz @ 1.225v, not spectacular i know but my cpu idles around 24c, 35c on all cores and loads at 65c, 70c on all cores when being stress tested. I used prime blend test for 12 hours and did 60 passes of Linx without a hiccup. I can go to 3.8 with the same Vcore but with 5c more on all cores and surface temp when idling and 10c more under load.
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