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Default Xorg crash, 100% cpu usage

Since several weeks i sometimes (but still regulary) lose the video
signal to the monitor. Monitor goes dark and say that no video signal.
Keyboard input like restart X etc do not work.
Sometimes i am able to login via ssh from another pc. What i usually
see is a xorg process with 100% cpu usage which i cant kill, even with
kill -9.

I tried several drivers from 177 to latest 180.53.
Its for me hardly reproducable but it usually happens on graphic
intensive things like flash, games, opengl things.
Normal desktop work usually doesnt cause that but lately it happened
there as well.
Its a passive 9600 card but temperature is fine when i checked it,
during long play it may reach 90 degrees but that should be fine.
Also x can crash right after i turned on the pc when the temperature is

Usually syslog didnt show much, only lines like:
NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 16, Head 00000001 Count 00000000
NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 16, Head 00000000 Count 00000001

but today i was able to get following line via dmesg.

Xorg[3238]: segfault at 96889000 ip b6abcf06 sp bf9bc940 error 6 in[b688d000+3b5000]

Any ideas how to solve that would be nice.
What does the segault error mean? Hardware defect maybe?
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