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Default Re: 185.18.04 - Firefox and poor scrolling performance on some pages

I use Nvidia driver 185.18.04 and these:
# aptitude search ^iceweasel$ -F '%p %V %v'
iceweasel                                                                                3.0.9-1    3.0.9-1
# aptitude search ^xserver-xorg$ -F '%p %V %v'
xserver-xorg                                                                             1:7.4+1    1:7.4+1
# aptitude search ^xserver-xorg-core$ -F '%p %V %v'
xserver-xorg-core                                                                        2:1.6.1-1  2:1.6.1-1
+ lastest Adobe 64bit flash player plugin from 2/24/09

I have all compositing effects disabled.

Since this driver I have smooth scrolling and only 10% cpu usage while playing flash videos.

For me, this is the best available driver so far.

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