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Default Re: Video Haltiness Multiple Times/Second

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
I use ffmpeg and libavcodec interchangably; it's quite possibly MythTV only uses the libavcodec sub-directory of ffmpeg. And no, MythTVs versions are quite old as I explained.
OK, I'm wondering now (and I don't expect you to know this as it's out of your realm) whether the SVN mythtv-fixes I compile, reaches out to the system for libavcodec (ffmpeg) includes, like Mplayer apparently does?

I would guess not, as I've 'apt-get build-deps mythtv' and it did not install the libavcodec-dev includes. This implies that Myth does come with its own (old) libavcodec. Maybe they don't do this because sundry libavcodecs can bung up the Myth compile, so they use a known working one? But what a sacrifice to not use a lib that's improving so much over time.

I wonder whether I could graft in a newer libavcodec? There is in fact a libavcodec dir under mythtv/libs, a libavformat, and a libavutil; I'll bet they have to be at the same rev.
If it were this easy though, I'll bet jyavenard would have tried it. Tempted...
jyavenard would say I don't know what I'm talking about, but this is the method of scientific investigation, and it looks to me like few others have thought of this. I doubt he's inclined to help at all since he's been so pissed lately...

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
I don't doubt there are extra nuances to handling Dish streams. However, I'm sorry to say this is outside the realm of VDPAU; VDPAU deals with the PES stream after it's been extracted from the container. VDPAU should handle compliant H.264 streams. Either the dish PES stream is H.264 compliant or it isn't.
Interesting. So apparently Myth (or VDPAU) discards the extra housekeeping packets and other extra falderal in a sat transport stream, and deals only with the video and audio packets.

Mplayer VDPAU plays fine whereas Myth-fixes-VDPAU can't cope with stream discontinuities. Apparently the problem isn't that it's a sat transport stream... but that the VDPAU patch to Myth is more intolerant than the VDPAU patch to Mplayer is, for some reason. The inference I get from you is maybe it's the old libraries.
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