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Default Re: Easy nVidia driver update and installation

1) Stopping GDM doesn't mean that your X session will be terminated automatically.
2) There's no need for 'exit' at the end of the script.
3) You'd better add #! /bin/bash to the beginning, as ****s said.
4) I don't really understand why you stop and start gdm twice. Normal users are not allowed to stop/start system services, as such "/etc/init.d/gdm stop|start" will not work and are unnecessary.
5) I won't recommend using this script to anyone who uses already mentioned distros (or better say any distros which have an ability of automatic updates and packet managers), because Xorg-server or/and Mesa updates will render system unstable/unusable. NVIDIA drivers do mess up with some system libraries (and there's a reason for that).
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