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Default Re: green screen garbage on G96 GPU cards

Thanks. Because this is a new service, I'd like to confirm the md5sums of the files. Here are my copies; do they match yours?

7a463e7892433d319be157beeeb2d5d4 00001__132092_6.ts
121d00e721860060a7721b6fde15a022 00001-germet__132092_6.ts
121d00e721860060a7721b6fde15a022 00002-germet__132092_6.ts
d026a13d20bf42609aed19f95854ed07 00005-germet__132092_6.ts
3b91f8733a4d273dd97572cca44c0345 record_20090428_0946-
06f0d85247205ed4ebc1121f4f088a7b record_20090428_0948-
ebf10f5ec487f681676734b64a3b8c98 SimulHD-shpuntik__132092_6.ts

I note that the following files have the same md5sums:


Did the wrong file get uploaded for one of these; are they meant to be the same file?

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