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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey Lance

Thx for the heads up i havent dropped for the Corsair and after checking the thread at SOH i think i'll wait till its Acussim'ed & they fix the sound issue
Let us know how the Duke is,ive read that the VC is a little heavy on frames and from the shots ive seen its no wonder as they've pretty much poly modeled every last switch and dial!

As im not going for the Corsair im thinking i might try out the LH Kodiak,VC looks nice paint jobs are ok'ish and it might be fun to repaint

Btw did you get chance to play with the ENB tweak yet? ive had it on for the last week or so with the setting i posted in the zip and now when i turn it off FSX just looks really dull without it!

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