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Default Re: Easy nVidia driver update and installation

Originally Posted by AwesomeTux View Post
One: It is something easily fixed. It works 100% for me as is.
On your system, your distribution, yes.

I can give you at least 3 popular distributions where it won't work, plus mine (which is Gentoo, I don't count it as too popular)

Let's see what has to be adapted only for gentoo: sudo is not part of a "normal" gentoo installation (if such a thing even exists). Neither /etc/init.d/gdm nor /etc/init.d/kdm exist.

The manual installation might screw up the libraries, as usually with gentoo you have them in a special place, and by using eselect you can choose which ones to use.

Now just multiply those changes (because the amount of work needed is probably +/- the same) by distributions available, and you see the problem.

Two: With the video card I have now, if I wanted to play games and/or run Compiz on Ubuntu, CentOS, Damn Small Linux, Debian, Elive, FaunOS, Fedora, Foresight, Gentoo, GoblinX, gOS, Knoppix, Linspire, Freespire, Linpus, Mint, Mandriva, openSUSE, Openwall, Paldo, Pardus, Parsix, PC/OS, PCLinuxOS, Puppy, Red Hat, Sabayon, Sidux, SimplyMEPIS, Slackware, Slax, Yoper, Zenwalk, etc., etc., I couldn't because the latest stable nVidia drivers aren't in the repositories. And having the user do without drivers ISN'T an option.
For gentoo: they are (and it is easy to write a ebuild for the short time where they are not). For the others: create packages for them. You can't have a one-for-all script, so the best option is packages.

If you have too much time at hand, just install half of the distributions you just mentioned in virtual machines and look at the adaptions needed for your script. Then you might see the problem.

Three: The terminology behind "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" is "Only products that receive positive review are worthy of existence" so, not enough positive opinions or attention at all, the product or in this case feature isn't included.
So you prefer to shut people up instead of hearing productive criticism, noted. You will forget about your script if you don't receive (enough) positive feedback here: noted.

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