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Anybody have it? I have had Hawaiian Telecom dsl for a year. I am about to move across town and will have TWC and have heard some horror stories about outages. Can anyone confirm. My dsl was 7 down and 700 up. With TWC I will have 8 down. They have a 15 down but it's 25 bucks more a month. TIA
No issues here. Roadrunner is solid. Some people just complain all the time or they have wireless issue and blame it on their ISP when its usually their crappy router. He's a speed test from my Wireless N laptop. The 15MB/2MB has a turbo boost that is just a quick speed boost that allows downloads a few moments where it will hit 23+MB. Its not sustained for long but if you are grabbing a relatively small file you will hit almost 25MB/sec.

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