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Default Re: Easy nVidia driver update and installation

This script won't work for me (using openSuSE).

"/etc/init.d/gdm" doesn't exist. Would work probably with "/etc/init.d/xdm", but then it would kick the user from the graphical interface, which is bad.

"~/Desktop" is not where my desktop is, it's in "~/Escritorio". I rename every English directory in my "/home" to Spanish to match the rest of my desktop language. Then I change the default location in KDE4 SystemSettings.

Also, I don't put my downloaded files in the desktop, as I find more convenient to put them in "~/Documents/Downloads" (translated to Spanish, of course).

And I'm not sure if this line would install one or all the downloaded NVIDIA drivers in the directory. I usually have plenty of them to compare between versions.
"sudo ./NVIDIA-Linux-*-*-pkg*.run"

The ideal example of installation would be this:
  • User downloads the driver from NVIDIA's site. The user knows where the file is (desktop, download folder, etc)
  • User clicks on the file.
  • A nice installation dialog appears. The user is prompted with the root password. The installation begins.
  • The dialog prompts the user to reboot the graphical interface: "Pess here to reboot GUI"
  • The desktop flashes for a bit and then the user logs in again with all working.

Anything more complicated than this (for the users) is not worth the effort, as distros usually have an easy way to install the NVIDIA driver.

The drivers listed in the forum are all beta drivers anyway (even the "stable" ones).
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