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Default Re: DVI->HDMI quality issues

Originally Posted by zarlaan View Post
Double check your TV manual for the inputs. Some TV's require that you connect a PC to a certain input.

For example I have the Samsung LN450A LCD. I'm running a DVI-HDMI cable but I have to use the HDMI input 2 as it's designed for computer input. Using this input also enables me to run 1920x1080 resolution even though the tv is only a 720p.
Sure it's at that resolution, but it's probably at 30Hz instead of 60Hz. This is also known as 1080i.

Originally Posted by hokeyplyr48 View Post
uhhhh using hdmi 2 makes more pixels???
No, the resolution is not 1080p, it's 1080i. TV takes 1920x1080 at 30Hz, splits it into two 540 line images, hence increasing the refresh rate to 60 Hz. The two images appear to be 1920x1080 to the eye, but are actually two 540 horizontal line images in sequence. That's how interlacing works.
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