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Default Re: 2000 to spend on a cinema setup

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Well, the 1050i 5.1 kit has the floor-standers which I have for the fronts, but as a rule the rears aren't floor-standers. There's no need for such powerful rears.

Mitsubishi 1080p projector 800
5.1 speakers (the ones above) 620

That leaves me needing an amplifier and possibly a blu-ray drive. I have one in my PC atm with a X-Fi Titanium (Optical in and output).

What is a decent amp for my kit ive planned out. I realise that its by nowhere near "good", but after reading a review on speakers which cost 70,000, I realise its the best a poor student can afford.

As long as it improves the movie experience from a 24" screen with Z-5500 im happy.

Also need to get me a projector screen from somewhere >_>
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