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Default Re: Easy nVidia driver update and installation

Originally Posted by mooninite View Post

Could you build something into the nvidia module that allows temporary suspension of resources of the module? It could "suspend" the X session long enough to allow access to the card resources required by the new module, load/unload the new module, then let the old module resume the session. This is done without unloading the original nvidia.ko from the kernel.

I imagine the screen would go black for 1-2 seconds during this process.
I actually thought about that for a while, and the answer is not really -- we could probably test-load the module with a different name, but one of the things it tests is whether the device probe routine is called correctly, and that wouldn't work. Also, even if we could suspend things for a while, there's no way to unhook and replace the X driver in a running X server so you'd still have to completely restart the X server anyway. Finally, while a VT switch will work to clear out the X driver and direct-rendering OpenGL and VDPAU clients, there's nothing similar that would work for CUDA apps, so having any of those running would still prevent the kernel module from being unloaded.
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