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Default Re: Windows 7 will contain Windows XP (virtualized)

Originally Posted by wolfgar View Post
Please keep in mind..

this visualized XP, will only really be available to business systems. It will not be available for Home Basic or Home Premium. (and requires the 'right' hardware)

Its only available for Professional / Business / Ultimate SKU's anyway.

so, 99.9% of home users will not have access to it. Its really just to make Win7 more palatable to business users.

To us in this forum, its really a non issue.

The ONLY item in professional I may miss is the remote desktop functionality (I don't want to encrypt my drives, as its too problematic WHEN upgrading, plus the performance hit). Even then its not really a problem, I use ultraVNC anyway.

Its generating a lot of press, but its really just going to be a support nightmare for corporate IT shops. Best to ignore it.

What the Heck, I use VMWare anyway.
You under estimate the power of pirates/hackers. I can about guarantee you they will have a workaround. I remember how they made Windows XP Home into Pro.
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