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Default IGP 8300 freezes with 177 and 180 on ubuntu

(I hope this is the correct forum for bug reports, I didn't find another one)

The subject says it: I have been having freezes with Ubuntu 8.10 (stock driver, 177 or 178?); and identically the same with 9.04 and 180. Mouse and keyboard stop reacting, the screen content doesn't change.
But when logging in through ssh, everything is fine; I can shut down the machine cleanly.
It is remarkable, that the screen content doesn't change until the power is gone; so all those log out screens, shut down, the Ubuntu thermometer, all this is not visible, but the last, frozen, state of the screen; until the power is actually off. It looks pretty much like a problem updating the frame memory.

I have attached the log FYI. I am running stock Ubuntu, stock kernel, stock NVIDIA-driver, and have tried all updates of the BIOS.
And I have tried everything suggested in that post on stability: pci=nommconf (yes, it did 'help' and "PCI: Using MMCONF" did not show any longer, but it didn't help with stability); as well as idle=poll and maxcpus=1. To no avail. I could barely run the nvidia-bug-report.log before the next freeze occurred. Then I plugged back the venerable GF6200 Turbo, and now everything works fine.
Since I bought the mainboard explicitly for the IGP, and its low power consumption, to save energy, it doesn't serve much of a purpose here; at least for now I consider it a complete waste of time and money. Personally, I am in no position to sue NVIDIA, but I wouldn't mind at all if someone did big style; for selling a chipset, and not providing a workable driver with it.
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