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Default Disappointed with GTX 260 216

I have a less than 2 week old XFX GTX260 black edition 216 and it is going back to XFX for an RMA Card overheats and either crashes the computer or gives me a black screen and I have to reboot the computer. They are nice cards (it looks really nice) but I cannot say I am happy with it. I tried to play crysis and no go card cannot handle it This is my first try at nvidia since the 6800 gt I had several years ago. I am pretty sure it will be in the FS section as I get it back from the RMA Going back to the Saphire 3850 that I got for $39 shipped I am not a fanboy of any sort I just though that this card was the best value for the money at this time (the card is comparable to a stock 280 according to the reviews, but reviews did not mention the heating problems this card seem to have). Hopefully the replacement will be a lot better.
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