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Angry Re: Asus M3N78 Pro with igp geforce 8300 woes on 64 bit ubuntu

Originally Posted by physdude View Post
I am having terrible problems getting the integrated geforce 8300 on my motherboard to work with the nvidia linux drivers. I am currently trying out the 177.80 driver which crashes compiz within several minutes (sometimes it is ok for upto an hour) of starting. Even before this, maximizing windows or resizing them to be fairly large causes the window not to be updated. On crashing, the machine freezes and compiz takes up 100% cpu. Usually, but not always, it is possible to ssh in and kill (only kill -9 works) compiz to recover the session.
You'll find that I encounter almost exactly the same problem. With identically the same mainboard. It does seem, though, that the non-PRO version (Asus M3N78-EM et al) seem to work. But that doesn't help at all once you have that piece of hardware in front of you, I know. I really want 3D, though.
All in all, a big letdown. And I was so happy with the cheapo BIOSTAR TF-7050, which has been doing all of that for me for the last 18 months. Not cool at all what this combination of ASUS and NVIDIA does to us.
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