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Default Re: IGP 8300 freezes with 177 and 180 on ubuntu

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Okay, thanks. I just wanted to rule that out. While you're at it, please also try 180.53 and 185.18.04. Both contain fixes for a memory management problem that affects Compiz.

When you say, "mouse and keyboard stop reacting", do you mean that the mouse pointer stops moving entirely, or does the pointer continue to move and your applications are just unresponsive?
Hmm. I wonder if I really want to mess up my new beautiful install of 9.04 with all sorts of beta-drivers?
Whatever, later I'll try first to ssh into an unresponsive system (at times, it takes two minutes, at times several hours to become unresponsive). The other question is undecided. Before, the mouse was moving, but didn't do anything. Usually the keyboard does nothing (Ctrl-Alt-Del); but once it did take one 'Enter'. This morning, with those options as above, in one case it stopped moving altogether. Though I think there is no strict pattern in the behaviour. One way or another it stops updating screen content.
I might add, that exactly the same works beautifully on 7050 as well, both versions of ubuntu; I was just plugging the drive into another box. Also, I ran the memtest; and though it went through, I took out the RAM and inserted another set. So the last chance would be a problem of the CPU (I don't think so, since the 6200 works without problems, or the ASUS mainboard (there are some posters with the identical mainboard and the identical problem, the M3N78 PRO).
Additionally, I can kind of exclude Linux: I had a similar behaviour with OpenSolaris' Nevada (nv_110, nv_111, nv_112) as dual-boot.
So, no more pointing fingers, except at yourself!
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