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Default Re: New to Linux - nVidia problems

Originally Posted by xianthax View Post
by default ubuntu does not use closed source drivers and the open source drive they use by default don't support 3d, hence your initial problem...

you need to remove the ubuntu nvidia packages and envy

sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia* envy

will accomplish this, then install the drivers from nvidia, there are instructions already available in this forum, note that you can't use "Terminal" to do this, you must shut down the X server and will need some compilation tools installed, see the instructions.

my guess is that you've now tried 3 different versions of the drivers from 3 sources and there is a conflict going on.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

i have tried different methods / versions and each time I have removed all the files before attempting another method. I've tried shutting down X server, I only tried Envy after 2 previous attempts.

I'm still stuck with this problem but will try removing envy. The nvidia packages have been removed using Quick Search (I left 2 packages installed that appeared but did not have "nvidia" in their name or description but removed - I think it was called that)
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