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Default Re: How do I get 23.976Hz?

Originally Posted by lixe86 View Post
And where would I have to to this? I'm new to Linux =)
You said you used XBMC. I've never used it so I do not know how to change the settings on that. As for mplayer, the following magic spell does the trick for me:

mplayer -framedrop -autosync 2 -vo gl:yuv=4:lscale=1:cscale=1:force-pbo videofile
Better put those settings in ~/.mplayer/config so you don't need to give them explicitly every time.

Also, enable OpenGL sync to blank in nvidia-settings and use the __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE environment variable to define which monitor to sync on if you use more than one. I wonder why the syncing monitor can be chosen for xv but not gl in the gui.
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