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Default Framelock Setup Problems

I am having problems setting up framelock with my Qudro FX4800 cards. The problem is twofold:

18 machines each with:
Quadro FX4800 Card
G-Sync II Option Card
CentOS 5.2 32 bit
NVidia driver 180.29
Twinview with output 0 analog and output 1 digital
1400x1050@60 HZ Resolution

Problem 1: Initial Setup
When we go to the nvidia-settings control panel, there is no Framelock window available. Running the command line query for FrameLockEnabled returns that it is not available. From everything we have seen in the manuals and online, there shouldn't be anything else we need to get this available. What are we missing? Is there some type of Xorg flags we have to set or X configuration that has to be set up? The only glimmer of a clue I have been able to find was from this post back in 2006 about Disabling TCP in gdm, which I will be trying later today:

Problem 2: Configuration Files
All 18 of these systems will be booting diskless. We already have a firm system in place for configuration prior to X booting so switching out the proper configuration file so that only one machine is labelled as the master and all the others are joined to the framelock group is not a problem. The problem though is what file(s) do we need to change for this? Where are the settings from the framelock stored at?

Thank you all for looking at this.
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