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Default Re: IGP 8300 freezes with 177 and 180 on ubuntu

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Is this bug report from after a freeze, before you shut down the system? If not, please get one of those, which you should be able to do over SSH.

When the display is frozen, can you attach to the X server with GDB and get a backtrace? "gdb /usr/bin/Xorg `pidof X`" should attach and then just run the "backtrace" command and paste the output here. Also, there are some messages in your system log from the vboxdrv driver doing some slightly shady things with interrupts. Does the hang still occur if you disable VirtualBox?
I stand corrected. Loaded 180.51, working perfectly well with 6200, then unplugged the 6200, and 8300 came up - to crash at the rotation of the mouse waiting indicator. After reboot, I ssh-ed into it, and when it crashed again, the ssh session was just as dead. Meaning, that the state is, contrary to what I had mentioned above, completely undefined and unpredictable.

I am now back on 6200, waiting for ASUS and NVIDIA to replace my expenditure (generously I consider my time as 'free') by swapping it with a mainboard with an IGP that actually works, with compiz, on Linux. The dealer won't take it back, I guess, because it will run XP/Vista.

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