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Default GTX260 216+8800gt OR GTX275?

I can either get a gtx260 and keep my 8800gt for fizicks or get a gtx275...

Id like to use 3 monitors ,Would a gtx260/8800gt combo let me do that at all?

I cant afford to keep the 8800gt and get a 275

I'd like opinions and that

Also quite important is ,Will my Power Express 250w be able to handle the gtx275 or will I need to upgrade it?

* Voltage: +12V1 & +12V2 Max.
* Load: 21A (Peak Load: 25A) Min. Load 0A
* Output Voltage: 11.4VDC~12.6VDC
* Ripple & Noise: Less than 100mVpp

It has 2x 6 pins so does that add up to the needed 42A or what?
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