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Default Re: Disappointed with GTX 260 216

My point is to vent and to point that sometimes you get to caught up with purchasing the hardware that fail to research it. XFX black edition is known for overheating which I failed to google so it is my fault and XFX since there is somehting wrong with this cards. Yes, I increased the fan speed to 100% with evga tool but it only increased the time I could play. OCCT gpu test lasted like 2 minutes longer I guess I am just frustrated with hardware and not working properly since this week I returned my 26 LCD since it is also defective Seems like they do not do hardware like they use to The card looks nice though and yes the first thign I did was to register it Only reason I got it is because I got a killer deal at a local shop that wanted to get rid of it and I could not pass it out but I was just looking for a cable for the new monitor to test it (wich at the end also resulted in a defective LCD).
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