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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
I'm getting some weirdness with the 185's too. Some aircraft paints are blurry as hell when viewed at an angle, but some are fine. For instance Steve's C-152 repaint 'G-OWAC' looks blurred, but the default C-152 paints are fine - same with some other ac's. Terrain seems fine though.

Nv drivers have been fine for FSX for quite a while and now they have changed something and its screwed up....sigh.

Some great posting here - keeps me coming back for more.

Keep it up guys.

Silly / Lance, how’s the Orbx BETA testing going?

Cheers - Mark.
Hey mark

Nice to see you dropping by welcome back

Sounds like something with mipmapping in there driver is screwed up,Carenado's default scheme's dont have mipmapping so its forced to load the only thing it has 1024x1024
my HD scheme do have Mips because i hate stairstepping!

do your default planes also have this problem?

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