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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
sillyeagle, did you try the 185.81 Win7 drivers in FSX? Hope the Win7 185 series is better than the Vista counterpart
Not yet, the 185 driver I used was the Vista driver, and it didn't work so well. Might not be able to test the Win7 185 tonight though as I've got some kind of hardware issue going on.

At first it seemed a video diver issue, becuase I right clicked the desktop for display properties and it locked solid. After a reboot it hung at the splash screen. I tried safe mode and that would hang during driver loading. It then seemed it must be a windows issue as it could be a display driver problem when going to safe mode.

I attempted to boot from the CD to elimate an OS issue and that too hung up, so I knew had a hardware problem of some kind. I then realized my storage drive showed up as BzBzBzBzBzBzBz at boot, and in the BIOS, which has about 200GB of data, much of it has not been back up. When I removed power to that drive I booted up just fine, so I though I has lost all my data, which includes 40GB of FSX stuff.

As a last resort I swapped SATA controllers with my FSX drive and then it booted up with full acess to the storage drive. I quickly dumped my files over to my OS drive in case it was a fluke, but it seems to be working just fine now on the other SATA controller. I'll have to see what I can do to get all three drives going again.
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