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Default Re: Windows 7 will contain Windows XP (virtualized)

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
You under estimate the power of pirates/hackers. I can about guarantee you they will have a workaround. I remember how they made Windows XP Home into Pro.

Its just that I just don't see the value to us: the early adopters and power users. How many of us really use software that won't run on Win7. And if you do, wouldn't you just abandon it and find a replacement?

Businesses have many $$ millions invested in obsolete software (mine included). Its really just a advanced PR campaign to eliminate that accountant who says that they can't afford to replace the old software yet. (they never can afford it).

In regards to the Home Premium vs Ultimate SKU comments. I think a lost of us got badly burned with the vista ultimate add-on lies. We'll be much more careful this time.

For me: There is not one single feature difference in the Professional->Ultimate SKU feature lists that is a 'must have'. 1 or 2 would be nice (remote backup?), but easily skipped or alternates available. Most are: Don't want anyway, or can't use. MS did a much better job this time separating business features from home features.

In 2 more weeks, we can have another round after we get a chance to play with the RC.

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