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Default need help with drivers

I'm a newbie to linux, just installed it a few days ago. The problem I'm having is the new video drivers for my GeForce 3 TI200. I didn't know how to shut down X so I booted my computer in text mode to install the drivers. Everything went fine and then restarted my computer and booted in failsafe because I had to edit the XF86Config-4 file. It took me awhile because I had to figure out how to give ownership to my log in name.

Well I done all that and change the

Driver "nv"

Driver "nvidia"

then proceeded to the next step the

In the Module section, make sure you have:

Load "glx"

this is what was already in that section

Load "glx" # 3D layer

so that was fine as far as I can tell then onto the next step

You should also remove the following lines:

Load "dri"
Load "GLcore"

those two lines I couldn't find anywhere in the file. then it says restart xserver. Now since I didn't know how to shut this down and just rebooted in text mode I don't know how to restart the server. Because when I boot into Linux I get an error so i restart my computer and boot into failsafe mode.

I'm using Mandrake 9.0 and using Gnome desktop if I'm suppose to restart the xserver how do I do that. Oh yeah when I boot in Failsafe mode I do see the nvidia graphic.
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