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Default Re: Desktop Video corruption & VDPAU playback freeze w/180.44 and 185.19 on 8400GS

I propose this thread be closed as "SOLVED"

I moved the BFG 8400GS PCI (512MB) graphic card from the 9 year old athlon-1100 (running on an MSI KT3 ultra motherboard with an (old) 350 watt powersupply) to a relatively newer 4-year old athlon-2800 (running an an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard with a slightly less old 360 watt power supply).

None of the anomalous behaviour exhibited with the older athlon-1100 appeared on the athlon-2800. The desktop was stable with no corruption. The H264 and MPEG videos played very nicely with vdpau with none of the previous problems. With the athlon-2800 I was using the nVidia 180.51 driver. In both cases the PC's were running openSUSE-11.1 with the KDE-3.5.10 desktop.

Hence I believe the previous problem was PC specific, ... either the power supply on the 9 year old PC too old, or there was a problem with interrupts, or it was just a basic incompatibility between the motherboard and the graphic card.

But vdpau (and the nvidia driver in general) work well on the 4 year old athlon-2800. I plan to leave the card in this PC.

I am happy to consider this CLOSED/SOLVED and my apologies for wasting the time of those who puzzled over this thread, when the problem appears to have been hardware related.
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