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Default Re: single desktop with 2 different cards.

Originally Posted by d264 View Post
First issue is didn't find any information of how this does affect performance if the two cards are different. Asuming the 3d window isn't spanning multiple cards, is safe to assume that lower performance card (older one) won't affect/slow the newer one?
It should have minimal impact. Running something like glxgears that is swap-bound could cause it to slow down, but with real-world applications it shouldn't matter much.

Originally Posted by d264 View Post
Second issue is a mix of xinerama and twinview, having read of issues with xinerama vs twinview, would be a good choice first use twinview to join screens on the same card, then xinerama to join both cards?
That's the most efficient way to do it. One caveat is that the "Xinerma info" reported by the server will only show two monitors, so if your window manager is Xinerama-aware it will do things like maximize windows across both monitors in twinview instead of one. This can be overcome with some clever patching of the server, if you're into that sort of thing.

Originally Posted by d264 View Post
Also am asuming there should not be problem on setting all screens in horizontal desktop, then the outer screens are of one card, while at centre place of the other card.
You won't be able to split up twinview screens that way; if you want to do that, you'll either need to make them all separate X screens or use twinview for the middle GPU and two separate X screens for the outer GPU for a total of three X screens (beneath Xinerama's one virtual X screen).
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