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Default Re: GLXBadDrawable on 180.44 and 180.51 x86_64 after 455 windows

Maybe I'm confusing something but "windows"=drawables in x are different from "clients" (what we loosely count as application~=windows discounting a few exceptions).
But who would use that many windows in an application? Well, my firefox is doing pretty bad, 1461 right now. I must have ~2000 windows system wide. I'd like to have more too though I'm cheating on the windows/drawables since its mostly all gtks fault (gtk is a window addict allocating a ton of not very large one's of them to do its dirty work), the total area of these drawables is only a few times above my screen in area... it should fit in graphics card memory in this day and age. I run a 2560x1600 desktop and thus I only have about 15 megabytes per screen on 32bpp. The point is it's perfectly manageable on modern cards. Still though, gtk should get window abuse under control...

But anyway, I recall having this problem before but it isn't in my .xsession-errors atm, I believe I still get it when opening up firefox for instance :-). And the application may not really call for letting FBOs get into the mix...
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