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Default applying twinview automatically at login?

Hello! I have two users on my laptop, one which I use at home and one at work. At work I have a second monitor hooked up, and currently have to enable it via nvidia's tool every day. I'd love to be able to save a good group of settings and have it applied at login for that user.

I've read some things that seem to imply I can save the good settings and use something like "nvidia-settings --load-config-only --config=good-settings" to load those good settings at startup, but I have had no luck at all in doing this.

Is there a simple set of instructions for going from a properly set up twinview, to having it automatically occur at login for that user?

I've attached the bug report log as per the stickies, plus the output of the "bad" (at start up) configuration and the good, which is just simply switching the second monitor from disabled to twinview.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!
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