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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig View Post
Hey mark

Nice to see you dropping by welcome back

Sounds like something with mipmapping in there driver is screwed up,Carenado's default scheme's dont have mipmapping so its forced to load the only thing it has 1024x1024
my HD scheme do have Mips because i hate stairstepping!

do your default planes also have this problem?

Cheers Steve - I like to keep my hand in FSX wise, and I peek in here now and then.

Here is a couple of shots to show the effect of the 185 driver on certain ac paints.

Default ac are fine, as are the defualt paints on the 152, but Carenado's Piper Cherokee default paints also exhibit this...the greater the angle, towards the front, the more blurred it becomes

I hope this is a bug in the current BETAs and not something we're stuck with if we wish to use the lastest drivers...this is on XP 32bit with a 9800gt 1gb.
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