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Default Re: Official Video Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Nice racing sammy, the onboard view looks pretty cool!

iRacing - Impala SS at Talladega - Phew and... Collected

A few very close calls but still got collected...

HD Link
Looks like fun
Yea the onboard is great but oh so damn hard,hitting the apex correctly and finding good lines isn't easy and just a tiny bit too much throttle will highside you when exiting corners.Same with brakes,since 90% of a bike's stopping power is on the front wheel you just can't carry them too deep into the corner.,if you do the front tucks in and you fall on your ass

That part and the visuals are great in this game.The bikemodels are identical to the real thing with but i miss the more comprehensive options for suspension setups,gearing etc.You can adgust it to some extent but its not very extensive,still its the best bike game ive tested sofar,i love it
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