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Default Current state of KDE 4 performance

Hi all,

I've just installed Kubuntu 9.04. I have a Quadro NVS-290 and am using the 180.44 driver package that comes with Ubuntu.

I've checked that the recent performance improvements are enabled, but performance is still very bad. The worst app is konsole, where text output chews up a lot of CPU time. There are noticeable delays when paging through the output of less, or switching tabs, or any kind of text-drawing activity. Enabling AA helps a bit, but I don't want blurred terminal fonts. The rest of KDE is okay if a little sluggish; no stability issues at least.

Is this still the status quo as of KDE 4.2.2? Or should I be expecting better?

I tried the 173 driver which is also in the Ubuntu repository, but performance seems to be just as bad in both versions. Enabling or disabling "Desktop effects" (compiz?) makes no difference. On the same machine, GNOME is pretty smooth. gnome-terminal is faster than konsole but we're talking snails and slugs.

Just want to know what I should be expecting because, in 2D, my old Intel 945 is noticeably better and that's disappointing to say the least.


P.S. What is the GeForce equivalent of a Quadro NVS-290? Is it an 8 series?
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