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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Wow thats strange looks as if its not forcing AF on the just plane models

what your seeing there is the full range of mipmaps,you can just about see the 2048 mip 0 right at the front and the very quick fade away from the camera,carenado's paints on this model dont have mips so if you want a non mip version of this paint as a temp fix just shout i can kick one up in a few mins

do you guys have ingame AF ticked? just wondering if that will force the driver to also use AF on the aircraft,im still on my 4870 atm i was going to jump to a inndo 260gtx x2 freeze this week but had some other expenses pop up that took my funnding away....might just wait till next gen now,ATI is a tad slower in FSX and i can only us x12AA (x4+ ed filter) without overloading the FB but i cant say ive ever seen any driver side rendering errors in FSX in all 10 months of owning the 4870,you'ed think that it being the market leader in it genre both companies would make an effort with there drivers but i guess its missing that #1 factor....a benchmark mode!

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